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First, the corrosion characteristics of seamless pipeline for oil and gas are mostly in a complex soil environment, the transmission of the corrosive media, therefore, the seamless pipeline inside and outside walls are likely to be corroded. Once the pipeline is corroded and perforated, oil and gas will be leaked. Not only the transportation is...

There are any steps to pay attention in the production of seamless steel pipe:
1) Blank credit. Including the tube storage, tube cut off (cut or gas cut off), peeling grinding, testing and inspection, and seamless steel tube surface treatment (such as pickling) and cold centering.
2) Tube bad heating. Usually in the ring furnace or inclined...

API 5CT Casing & Tubing Mechanical properties: Standard Grade Tensile Strength(MPa) Yield Strength(MPa) API SPEC 5CT J55 ≥517 379~552 K55 ≥517 ≥655 N80 ≥689 552~758 L80(13Cr) ≥655 552~655 P110 ≥862 758~965 Chemical Composition: Standard grade Chemical Composition(%) C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Cu Mo V Als API SPEC 5CT J55K55 (37Mn5) 0.34~0.39 0.20~0.35...

Tubing pup joint is 6.10 m shorter than the tubing length in API 5CT.
Executive Standard: API 5CT, API 5B
Specifications: 1.9 "-4-1 / 2"
Button type: EU, NU, P
Steel grade: J55, K55, N80, L80, P110
Length: 2FT-20FT
Uses: Used for wellhead length adjustment
Tubing pup joint are divided into five types according to their appearance:

Pipe thread defects are as follows:
1, Tear (cracked): Mainly tooth side, addendum (round thread) geometry (including roughness) is damaged. Early thread processing with a single-knife picks easily lead to tear, blunt tool, lubrication is not good and other reasons are also likely to cause tearing, the general was scaly, ubiquitous thread side;...

Irrigation pipe, material PVC. PVC resin powder-based raw materials, adding appropriate amount of additives, by mixing, extrusion, sizing, cutting and flaring and other processing technology molding.
Irrigation pipe features:
1, The flow resistance is small, the roughness is 0.008-0.009, the water delivery capacity is increased by 20% compared...

Steel pipe radiator, precautions manufacturers should provide water resistance characteristics of the radiator data, the maximum working pressure of the working pressure radiator 1.0MPa.
Selection points:
1) Radiator heating system should meet the working pressure and system pressure requirements, should be consistent with national or industry...

In recent years, the international research and analysis on the research, development and application of X80 grade seamless pipeline steel with large diameter and high grade steel pipe for transporting natural gas are carried out internationally. The main results are as follows:
1. Natural gas pipeline development trend
The use of high-pressure...

The new line with martensitic stainless steel seamless pipeline KL-HP12CR has excellent weldability, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Its weldability is improved by reducing its carbon and nitrogen content. Reducing the carbon content also significantly improves the resistance to carbon dioxide corrosion, with a corrosion rate of...

First, the technical requirements
1, Specifications: 323.9mm × 11.125mm × 10000-12000mm seamless pipeline
2, The applicable standards and levels: API Spec 5L PLS1.
3, Steel: X52, the melting analysis and product analysis in line with API Spec 5L.
4, The continuous casting slab steel rolling, slab quality should be consistent with YB /...